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History & Partners

The firm was founded in 2001 by Dick Hamilton and Nicole Howell, on departure from a mid-sized Vancouver law firm. They sought to create a different kind of law firm where a lawyer could care more about the client and less about billing targets; a firm where lawyers could truly have work-life balance by deciding if they wanted to work full time, part time, in the office or from home.

In 2004, Kelly Slade-Kerr joined Dick and Nicole and their thriving practice. She brought a keen intellect and a desire to serve others through her practice, and also served as an elected school board trustee. Kelly was living proof that someone could raise a family, practise as a lawyer, and serve the community at large, and do all of these things well!

Michael Bain started out as a freelance musician, but eventually moved into law for the intellectual challenge and financial stability it offered. He originally practised commercial litigation at a large regional firm. He served on the board of directors with Nicole who was looking for more lawyers to join. Nicole asked Michael if he knew anyone who wanted to practise employment law. It turns out that he did. Michael joined the firm in 2005, and in 2011 became a partner.

Expanding Our Access to Employees

Long before the pandemic, HHBG was one of the first firms to offer a virtual law practice. The aim then (and now) is to ensure that all workers in B.C. have access to quality, responsive employment legal advice, regardless of their proximity to a major city.

HHBG is one of B.C.’s first plaintiff’s side employment law boutiques serving British Columbians for over 20 years. While Dick has now retired, Nicole, Kelly, and Michael carry on the firm’s original mission to provide quality legal services to the province’s workers, and have fun together while doing so.

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