HHBG Lawyers are dedicated to working with unions or advising employees how to effectively work with their unions for the protection of their rights.

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Advocacy for Employee Rights is a core value of HHBG Employment Lawyers and one we support in all areas of our practice.  This includes the support of workers represented by unions, as well as supporting the unions themselves.

In a recent edition of the “Union’s Advantage”, an annual report by the Canadian Labour Congress, it was revealed that unionized workers in Canada made an average of $5.28 more per hour than their non-unionized counterparts. Further, women earned $7.10 more than their non-unionized sisters; and workers under the age of 25 earned 27% more in jobs with a collective agreement.   But unions provide more than a financial advantage: they assist with all aspects of worker health, safety, job conditions and job stability.

Our firm is dedicated to working with unions or advising employees how to effectively work with their unions for the protection of their rights.  We have considerable experience in representing our union clients in strike and picketing injunctions, with regard to contempt matters, and in various types of lawsuits.   Our Labour group has experience representing clients at all level of BC and federal courts.

We have also represented our union clients in a wide variety of administrative tribunals such as the BC Labour Relations Board, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, the BC Employment Standards Tribunal, the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and the BC Privacy Commissioner.

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Services for unions
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I was fired while on maternity leave. I felt powerless and vulnerable. My lawyer at HHBG negotiated a quick and fair settlement that got me back on my feet and on with my life. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

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