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We are a boutique law firm of employment and labour lawyers, a mediator, and a dedicated team of support staff with offices in both Vancouver and Surrey.  Employment and labour law is all we do.  We love to empower employees, level the playing field, and impact the outcome.  We are also a strong advocate for workers through their unions, providing a wide range of services and support to unions from a variety of industries.

Firm History & Partners

The firm was founded in 2001 by Dick Hamilton and Nicole Howell on departure from a mid-sized Vancouver law firm.  They sought to create a different kind of law firm where a lawyer could care more about the client and less about billing targets. View More


Most firms say that they are client-centric, cost-effective, and demonstrate legal excellence. But what does this really mean and how do you know it’s true? We’d rather just tell you how we’re different. View More


Our clients include white and blue collar employees at all levels, and spanning all industries. We recognise that the issues our clients face affect both their livelihood and their futures. View More


Our client was a 37-year old restaurant manager with 13.5 years of employment who alleged she was terminated (or constructively dismissed) whereas the owner claimed she was suspended and then abandoned her position. View More


After 15 years of employment, I was terminated without cause and escorted out of the building. I was offered a severance package and told I had 7 days to accept it. It was a low point. The lawyers at HHBG made me feel like I had regained control. View More

From the Blog
Support During COVID-19

These are some of the stories our lawyers have heard since the outbreak of COVID-19: Do I have to accept my employer’s decision to cut my salary by 25%? My employer has laid me off temporarily….

Learn what mitigation means when you get fired

If you have just been fired, you might have heard the word “mitigation” used by your company, or from a lawyer. It’s an important concept to understand in order to protect your rights. Here’s an explanation…

Six Answers you Need About Severance Today (Before you get Fired)

Companies fire employees every day. Most people never expect to be fired.  Most people are not ready for the emotional and financial costs of a surprise dismissal. Here are six answers employees should learn before being…