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Whether you are preparing to sign an employment agreement, are experiencing workplace issues that you believe are wrong or illegal, have been accused of a breach of duties, or have been terminated, you have rights that you might not be aware of. Often, our clients need only 1 – 3 hours of our time in order to assess and improve their own situation. But where needed, we can act on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected, and that the treatment you receive is fair, or you are properly and appropriately compensated.
While many of us love what we do for a living, our workplace does not define us. However the average employee spends 42% of their waking hours per week at work. Canadian laws do what they can to ensure time spent at work is done in relatively protected environment. However an unfair work situation is not always easy to identify or prove – even with our laws in place. And when someone is unhappy at work, it can have detrimental consequences for mental and physical well-being, put a strain on relationships, and of course lower performance at work.
When unhappiness is the result of unjust treatment, employees should be able to address this issue with their workplaces. Yet due to the inherent power imbalance between employees and employers, that doesn’t always happen.
Employees have rights. When you are faced with starting a new job, the loss of your job or are experiencing a problem with your job, you need to understand your rights and your options so you can make an informed decision about the actions you can take.
We are dedicated to supporting employees by providing them with legal advice and options on all aspects of employment.
We offer a complete range of employment services including the following:
For clients who live outside of Vancouver and find it difficult to drive in for a meeting, we also offer virtual legal services. Find out more here.
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By: EJ

After 15 years of employment, I was terminated without cause and escorted out of the building. I was offered a severance package and told I had 7 days to accept it. It was a low point. The lawyers at HHBG made me feel like I had regained control. With their assistance, I negotiated a far better severance package. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who finds themselves in my position.

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