One day you are told your job is gone.
And suddenly the whole world just stops.
Employment Justice. You’ve Earned It.
Your job is more than a paycheque. It’s part of your identity. If you have been fired, laid off or affected by a workplace event, you have rights. No matter what the situation, you want to be treated fairly. Our Lawyers can help.
How we help

Our Vancouver employment lawyers deal with termination, wrongful or constructive dismissal, employment contracts and more.

How we help

Our Vancouver labour lawyers assist unions with labour relations board matters, contract negotiation, litigation, training programs and more.

Vancouver’s Experienced Employment & Labour Law Firm
Employees have rights. When you are faced with the loss of your job or are experiencing a problem with your job, you want to understand your rights and your options. You want to make an informed decision and get on with your life.

We educate and empower employees, either directly or through their unions.

With offices in Vancouver and Surrey, HHBG is made up of 14 employment & labour lawyers, a mediator, and a dedicated team of support staff. Our goal is to resolve matters through negotiation if possible or by decisive litigation.
Problems at work? Our Surrey lawyers can help.

With the addition of our new Surrey office, our team has expanded to bring our expertise closer to you. Whether you are facing discrimination, workplace harassment, wrongful termination or any other employment/labour issues, our Surrey team is here to help you get the employment justice you deserve.

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