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Introducing a new service for our clients: virtual law.

Usually when you need to speak with one of our lawyers,  you would make an appointment and come to our offices.  However what happens if you don’t live that close to one of our offices, or if you are unable to get away from work or home to visit a law firm?  What if you simply need some quick advice and you don’t feel the need to sit down with a lawyer, face to face in order to get that advice?

Now there is an alternative.

Meet Your Virtual Lawyer

Jonas is a lawyer with our offices who practises employment law virtually.   You can speak with him by phone, email, Skype, or a combination of these.  He’s not limited by the standard work day: you can speak with him at any time during the day when you have time to chat, or very early in the morning, before you go to work.  He can even speak with you on a weekend.  You can book time with Jonas through our on-line booking system: and you probably don’t have to wait a few days for an appointment.  We do require a bit of paperwork before any consultation but once that’s done, your call, email or Skype session can happen quite quickly.

Preparing for Your On-Line Meeting

Once you’ve booked your meeting on-line, you’ll receive an email with instructions.  Before we can speak with you, we are required by Law Society Rules to open a file for you (which requires that we collect some information from you and receive a scanned or faxed copy of your identification).  We must also conduct a conflict check through our own records, to ensure we are able to serve you.  We’ll then send you a retainer agreement outlining the process and cost of your legal services.  Once that’s signed and returned, we’re ready to meet!


To contact Jonas, email him at [email protected], or call him at 604.639.1756. Alternatively, you can submit the online submission form below and someone will get back to you to set up an on-line or phone meeting with Jonas.

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