Wrongful Dismissal Cases in BC

Financial Advisor found to be wrongfully dismissed

Our client was a Successful judgment on behalf of employee where employer alleged cause. Court determined there was no cause and that the employer had acted in bad faith in carrying out the termination.

Ogden v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – Read More

Restaurant Manager vindicated – awarded 15-month notice

Successful judgment on behalf of employee (upheld on appeal) where employer alleged employee had been suspended as a disciplinary measure and then abandoned her position. The court rejected all claims by the employer and found the employee had been terminated. Obtained a 15 month award (including gratuities) for a 37 year old restaurant manager with 13.5 years service. Chapple v. Umberto Management Ltd. – Read More

15-month award given to directory staff after 24 years of service

Three employees of a directory service, each in their early 40’s and with approximately 24 years of service, were terminated with 11 months of notice and some fringe benefits. This was found by the judge to be insufficient. In the end, we were able to obtain a 15-month notice award for each employee, including damages for overtime pay, anticipated wage increases and bonuses. Common et al v. Superpages – Read More

Secretary moves from 15 weeks to 12 months of severance

Our client, a secretary in her early 50’s, was terminated from one of the largest engineering companies in the world with only 15 weeks of severance. We were able to argue successful for more adequate notice and she obtained a 12- month award. Jackson v. SNC Lavalin – Read More

Haematologist fights 90-day notice, gets 8-month award plus retroactive salary

Our client was a 50 year old haematologist working for Canada’s primary blood services organization. He was terminated after four years of service, and offered 90 days of notice. He sued for wrongful termination. The judge agreed that he had been wrongfully terminated. He was awarded an 8-month severance, and retroactive salary increases going back three years. Mangal v. Cdn Blood Services – Read More

Additional severance awarded to computer engineer

Our client was a 44 year-old computer engineer who had worked for a mobile data solutions provider. He was terminated after 5 years of service due to marketplace conditions, but felt his notice period was inadequate. We successfully argued for an increase in notice period and he was awarded 10 months. Leung v. MDSI – Read More

Chemical Engineer moves from 9 weeks to 10 months’ severance

Our client, a 36 year-old chemical engineer, was recruited by a major paper products manufacturer. She moved her family to BC from another province and commenced the job. Two and a half years later she was terminated for external business reasons. She was given 9 weeks pay, among other benefits. We successfully argued for a more significant notice period and the judge awarded her 10 months. Winterburn v. Domtar – Read More

Radiologist awarded maximum severance

We obtained a ssuccessful judgment on behalf of employee who had worked for ten years with a radiology clinic. After termination, our client, a 61-year old radiologist, was offered nine months of severance. We argued that was inadequate severance pay. The courts determined that 24 months – the maximum for a wrongful dismissal case – was warranted. Bachynski v. DC Diagnosticare – Read More

Technical Sales Representative moves from 3 weeks to six months notice period

Our client was a 33- year old technical sales representative employee with 17 months service. The client was initially given three weeks’ severance, as outlined in the contract. We argued that the contract was void and the severance insufficient. The courts agree, voiding the contract and awarding our client six months notice.

Wijesinghe v. Landel Controls Ltd.

Our client had worked as a travel agency manager for two years when she was terminated with cause and given two weeks’ notice. The judge found her to have been wrongfully terminated and awarded her five months’ notice. Mercier v. Trans Globe Travel – Read More

40-year old administrator with 9 years of services gets 8-month award

We obtained a successful judgment on behalf of employee where her employer alleged cause (won on appeal). Our client, a 40-year old clinical administrator with 9 years of service, obtained an 8 month award. Panton v. Everywoman’s Health Centre Society – Read More

Claims examine gets six month award for three years of service

Successful judgment on behalf of employee where employer alleged cause (upheld on appeal). Obtained a 6 month award for a claims examiner with 3 years service. Rieta v. North American Air Travel – Read More

Claims adjuster obtains maximum award for wrongful termination

Our client was a 60 year old claims adjuster manager with 18 years service. We obtained a successful judgment on her behalf when the courts found her to have been wrongfully terminated, and awarded her 24 months’ notice – the maximum award. Petit v. I.C.B.C. – Read More

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