Zoe Arghandewal

My employment practice consists of advising and acting for clients at all stages of an employment relationship. This includes reviewing terms in employment contracts, advising on issues arising during the employment relationship, negotiating settlements, and litigating claims as the circumstances require. I provide practical, efficient, and cost-effective legal services to my clients.

I’ve appeared before administrative tribunals, the Provincial Courts of British Columbia as well as the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts, Honours from the University of Guelph and my Juris Doctor from the University of British Columbia.

Apart from the practice of law, I spend my time outdoors, take part in several team sports, engage in political dialogue and debate, and travel to places and cultures. I am bilingual with the ability to communicate in Dari, the native language of Afghanistan.

My practice is governed by the principles of fairness, equity, and integrity. I am trained in anti-oppression and my office is an inclusive environment for all clients. In addition to providing my clients with the legal support they require, I provide referrals to non-legal supports that may compliment their needs.


Jennifer Seong - Paralegal
[email protected] or 604.639.1758
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