Richard Hamilton, Q.C.

As a mediator, I am tough and have a no nonsense approach.

After 40 years of practice as a highly successful lawyer in the field of employment law, I decided to focus strictly on mediation.  I have conducted mediations (dealing with employment or commercial disputes) for more than ten years.  In that time, I’ve been involved in all types of employment and contractual cases.

My years of experience as a lawyer, and now a mediator, have allowed me to shape my approach into what I would describe as “no-nonsense”.  This differentiates me from other mediators in the market. Specifically:

  • I require that all parties have a representative present who has full authority to settle;
  • I do not permit the parties to engage in opening statements, which I find only serve to drive them apart;
  • I constantly remind the parties that the goal of mediation is to achieve a just settlement which is equally fair to both sides;
  • My 40 years of litigation experience enable me to engage counsel and the parties in realistic assessments of their respective cases;
  • I’m not afraid to engage counsel or clients who push unrealistic positions or expectations.

This approach has been effective for my clients, as I have a 97% + success rate.

Managing Partner, Vancouver Office
Managing Partner, Surrey Office
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