Nicole Smith

nicole-smith-rounded It is with a great sense of sadness and loss that the team at HHBG Lawyers announces the untimely passing of our business manager, paralegal and friend, Nicole Smith. Nicole was a central fixture of the firm from its inception as Hamilton & Co. in 2001. She was the initial contact person most clients had with our firm and she brought enthusiasm, dedication and a strong work ethic to her many roles.

Nicole was much more than an excellent paralegal (although she was that). She was also an inspiring person in the manner in which she approached her work, her family, her joys, her fears, her faith and eventually her illness. She enlivened our office with both a great sense of humour and a compassion and dedication to helping others.

Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 which she faced with her usual characteristics of dignity and strength. She returned to work in 2011 apparently in excellent health and helped transition the firm to new space as it grew. During that process she took on countless extra tasks and worked many extra hours. The firm was blessed to have Nicole and her enthusiasm back as she always managed to inspire others to be as good as they could be at what they did. In short, she helped everyone else raise their game.

There are few people in this world who can be described as passionate. For Nicole, this was just one of her many qualities. Her presence made our lives fuller, happier, and better.

Jason Leikam (Nicole’s husband)

Unfortunately, the cancer returned and Nicole passed away in early February 2012 leaving behind her beloved husband and daughter and her many grieving friends and colleagues at our small firm. Nicole’s legacy is still very much alive at HHBG Lawyers and her exquisite sense of style permeates the office space. We hope to carry on Nicole’s commitment to work and to others.

We miss Nicole every day and our sympathies are with those who knew and loved her. Above all, we are thankful for the time we were able to share with Nicole Smith as professionals and friends.

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