March 21st, 2017
HHBG Surrey Press Release

Press Release
March 22, 2017.

The largest employment and labour law firm in B.C. dedicated to helping employees is opening an office in Surrey.

HHBG Lawyers* comprises 14 lawyers.  Since 2001, the firm has been providing employment and labour law advice to B.C. clients through their office in downtown Vancouver.  As of March 2017, HHBG Lawyers will also be in Surrey.

“We are passionate about bringing employment justice to employees in B.C., wherever they are” explained Vancouver managing partner, Jim Gould.  “Surrey is one of the fastest growing areas in the province, and there are relatively few employee-focussed employment lawyers in the region.  We’re delighted that we can help to fill that gap.”

The Surrey office will be managed by Kelly Slade-Kerr who has been with the firm for more than 12 years.  Kelly, who practises both employment and labour law, is excited about the opportunity to launch a new office in the community where she was raised.  “We’ve had a healthy client base in Surrey and the surrounding areas for many years.   They’ll no longer have to come all the way down to Vancouver to get help with employment law issues.  We’re thrilled to be setting up shop at a location that will be closer to home for many of our clients.”

The HHBG Lawyers office in Surrey is located in the Panorama Business District at #305-5446 152nd Street (Highway 10).

For more information, contact Kelly Slade-Kerr at 604.579.0732 or Michael Bain at 604.696.6120.


* law corporation

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